Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Montells/The Evil Split 12"

So i had a pretty good day today. It was my day off. i was woken up by my new landlord at 9:30am hungover. i rode over to borrow my roommate's car and my bike chain broke. Then i went to Record Archive and ran into my friend Tyler. i picked up a couple crucial records missing from my collection (finally, i got Nancy Sinatra "Boots" and Lou Reed "Transformer")...but the most interesting is the split 12" by The Montells and Evil.
i've never heard of either of these bands. They are both from Florida. There is nothing special about em. But it is definitely solid 60's garage punk. It's a bit darker than the standard. It reminds me of the first Pretty Things record (which i love by the way).
It must be said though that Evil definitely carries the split. They are darker and nastier than the Montells. Plus, on side two, you find that they slow it down and get creepier. It keeps to the standard garage framework but feels almost like "Come on in" by The Music Machine. It's nice. And i'm glad i decided to get it.
Evil is definitely worth doing some more research on and finding real singles.
Note: The split is listed The Evil. But the band called themselves Evil. Apparently the record companies and radio shows...etc just assumed and put "The" in front of their name despite their objections.
This isn't a great review because it's 4:30am and i can't sleep and i'm drunk...but still listen to this record for $16 or less.
Think i'm gonna watch Fargo.


psychedelic elvis said...

Yes, keep the blog rolling! MORE DRUNKEN POSTS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

John Doyle here...lead screamer for EVIL. Thanks for the review, I guess? We're about to release the last two tunes from out earliest session (on homemade CD's, sorry). They had been lost for nearly 40 years until found in a hatbox that was being tossed out. Keep an eye on eBay.....!

Anonymous said...

very handy, thanx a lot fro this articpe .. This is exactly what I was looking for.